We sing songs about it (Pink Floyd, the Beatles, ABBA come to mind),  we chase it, we worship it, we love it, we fear it, we idolize it, we obsess on it, we lose it, we get competitive about it and we dream and long for more.  

What most of us don’t have with money is PEACE.    Imagine feeling peaceful and harmonious with money and having it flow to you as it’s meant to.  

So what is money REALLY?  

Money is more than the paper and coins we physically or digitally.   Simply put, money is an energy, a consciousness; you can be open to that energy or closed off to that energy.   And that means money will flow in or go around you to somewhere else where it finds an opening.   Wouldn’t you like that to be you?

Join me in March for two workshops to clean up and build your money energy.  

Money Energy Clean Up is Tuesday March 12 at 6:45PM – 8:30PM Pacific time.  In this workshop you will explore and reset what keeps you away from money energy:  your personal limitations– the negative patterns, emotions, beliefs and stories.   You will learn the basics of how to work with money as an energy to allow more into your life. 


Build Your Money Energy is Tuesday March 26 at 6:45PM – 8:30PM Pacific Time.    In this second workshop you will clear the money blocks from your ancestral line, and then dive deep into money consciousness and re-build your skills, feelings and outcomes with money energy.  


In these workshops, you will experience transformational change in your energetics of money using hypnosis, meditation and coaching exercises. 


Following on the second  workshop you will be invited into my private Facebook group to keep the learning going with a 4 week challenge to keep building your money relationship.   We will explore, support and practice with easy-to-use tools to shift and anchor your mindset to allow the goodness in!  


When you understand how money energy works and consciously engage in building a partnership with it, everything in your life changes in POSITIVE ways! 

Can’t attend in person?   That’s OK.   All fully registered folks will have access to the replays and bonuses for one full year.  


You can register for one, or both.   There are no prerequisites for either.    Individually each workshop is $55.  

$55 Individually, OR Register for Both and SAV E – only $97