Money is not elusive and only for a chosen few.

If you wonder why it’s easy for some yet hard for you, this workshop will show you how you’ve been holding yourself away energetically from money and an abundant life.

Together we will explore and change your money mindset, clear limitations, negative programming, beliefs and the energetics that block or negatively impact your relationship with money. In this first workshop, Money Energy Clean Up you will:

  • Learn about MONEY as an energy and how to work WITH it rather than repel it
  • Learn how DEBT works and the secret to clear it
  • Discover your DEEPEST money fear and negative story…and let it go
  • Uncover your personal limitations with money:  the blocks, beliefs and patterns running inside of you that hold you away from MONEY…. and then CLEAR them
  • Learn the secret of SELF in generating MONEY and abundance
  • Learn a secret weapon to open your door to MORE….more MONEY, more abundance, more JOY and more of LIFE!
  • Experience transformational change through hypnosis, coaching exercises and meditation

Isn’t it time to take the limitations out of your money relationship and open the door to your prosperity?