Mindful Hypnosis
Hope Coaching

When you have to deal with chronic conditions such as pain and illness, realistic hope becomes one of the most essential ingredients for living an empowered and fulfilled life.

“Hope is Realistic”

The HOPE Coaching model uses Mindful Hypnosis to ground you in the here and now, access positive resources and see, feel and believe in positive and hopeful outcomes. The model, developed by Michael Ellner, Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore uses guided or self-directed techniques and develops skills in you that allow you to create on-going improvements. “Hope is Realistic” is the very foundation of Mindful Hypnosis and HOPE Coaching – with the goal to reduce suffering and increase personal empowerment.

What is Hope?

Hope is a future anticipated as positive – with the positive expectation of empowered outcomes.

“Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, or an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in life or the world at large. The opposite of fear, hope is a projection of “having” something in the future.” – HOPE Coaching model

With tools and techniques that are integrative to conventional medical approaches, Mindful Hypnosis HOPE Coaching will help you to relieve suffering, alter perceptions, beliefs and expectations for your management of pain, illness and chronic conditions.

How Does it Work?

“Based in neuroscience, techniques work to restructure neural pathways in helpful ways which is effective in making permanent and lasting improvements. HOPE Coaching is an evidence-based model, which involves focusing attention or moving in ways to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.” – HOPE Coaching model

The very core of the HOPE Coaching model is mindfulness. When you work with Niki Hughes at Elemental Balance, you receive coaching, hypnotherapy and Niki’s expertise as a meditation and mindfulness training instructor. This means access to a full mindfulness program, with mindfulness meditations and exercises to bring you to the powerful present moment where everything can be shifted and HOPE can be realized.

What’s New?

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