Frequently Asked

Questions about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, past life and energy work come up with clients —this is especially true for those who are new to any of these practices.

During our intial discovery call you will have the opportunity to ask anything about what to expect and about the process. Some general questions are captured below.

When I'm hypnotized, will I remember and do I lose control?

You will remember the session and you never give up control.    Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation or trance which is natural, and a state we take ourselves into every day, such as with daydreaming.   Under hypnosis, your subconscious is your guide, and in the process YOU determine how deep into relaxation and trance you will go.   What kind of work you do and how you integrate your discoveries will be up to you. During our session you are able to speak and will fully remember the entire session.   You will leave a hypnosis session feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed. 

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Most (if not all) people are able to be hypnotized. If you have ever “zoned out” while driving and missed a turn, or lost track of time in class, you have been in a trance state. Techniques are used to move you past fear and resistance to hypnosis. The experience is client centred, so the control is yours. 

How will I experience a past life?

Each person experiences a past life in their own way. You may feel as though you are in a dream, or watching a movie. For some, it is as if they are in the story, while for others it is simply a feeling of knowingness. Just as we all learn differently through auditory, visual or kinesthetic strengths, experiencing a past life will be based on your style of memory recall. Regardless of how the process unfolds, emotions will be attached to the thoughts or visions that are valid or metaphorically related to your healing. 

You will be aware that you are here, but also aware of another story, perhaps feeling emotions that don’t fit with your lifetime today or an awareness of information that belongs to another life experience. Similar to describing a dream or a story to someone, you will be fully capable of speaking and communicating your story while you are in the alternate lifetime. 

What if I don't believe in re-incarnation?

Whether you believe in re-incarnation or not won’t affect your session.  Your unconscious mind is highly creative, and will present you with what you need in a way that is comfortable for you – perhaps as a metaphor from an experience in this lifetime, or as an unfolding story, similar to watching a movie.

I've booked an energy balancing session. How do I prepare?

Please read through the following to get the most out of your energy balancing session.

  • Please ensure you are not fasting and that you have eaten 1 to 2 hours ahead of your session.

  • Alcohol and drugs change your energy flow and reactions to energy work. Please ensure you are alcohol and drug free the day of your session. Prescription drugs may be taken – please do NOT discontinue in preparation for your session. Please let us know of any prescription drugs you are taking during the intake process.

  • If you are sick (fever, flu, cold) you should not have a session. Your body will be working hard to heal and a session may place undue stress on this process.

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing. No denim (jeans) please as it is difficult to apply pressure through thick unyielding material.

  • Please drink plenty of water prior to your session and prepare to consume water for the rest of day. Water will help to flush out the toxins that are released from your muscles during treatment.

  • Take medications as you normally would, but please disclose medications you are taking (new or changed) to your practitioner.

  • You may feel lightheaded or tired after your session. Plan to do restful activities after your session. This is especially true after your first session.

What can I expect from my energy balancing session?

The change in energy flow within the body follows a cycle of about 3-6 days. First your body will adjust to the unblocking of the energy, and then must adapt to the new flow. Your body will be working for several days after your session to make the necessary ‘flow’ adjustments based on your treatment. This is true with energy work, and with hypnotherapy and past life work as adjustment is necessary with physical and emotional release. 

Results are very individual based on many factors. Some clients feel energized and mentally clear immediately, some clients feel grounded and calm and some feel fatigued. It is not uncommon after your first session to feel tired, especially if you have not had bodywork or energy work previously. You may want to plan for this. You can expect in subsequent sessions to feel a greater sense of energy and well being.

How many sessions do I need ?

Chronic issues and behaviours have taken years to build, and for that reason results are individual.   For a small investment and commitment in treatment you have the potential to unblock, deeply release and create space for a healthier, happier you.

It is recommended that you plan for three sessions whether it is hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy or energy balancing in order to move forward to where you can feel significant changes.     During our initial discovery call we will discuss your needs and gather the information required to work out an individual plan for change.  

Many clients choose regular energy balancing treatments for general relaxation or for support through seasonal changes.  Adding hypnosis provides a deeper level of relaxation and energy release.  

“Into YOUR Light” Weight Management (Group)

Part of the program happens in a group setting. What happens in a group session and how much do I have to share?

There will be five group sessions throughout the program.  Each participant receives a workbook which we will work through as a group.   Each group session consists of topic exploration, week by week, learning breathwork, some gentle stretching and a group hypnosis, which is similar to a meditation.  At no time will participants be requried to share personal experiences or life histories; any and all sharing is completely voluntary.  Any deep personal work is done privately in your individual hypnotherapy sessions.

How big are the groups in this program?

Each Into YOUR Light program is kept deliberately small and is limited to 4 participants.

How much work is required each day for this program?

You are committing to change, and therefore work will be required by each participant to ensure the insights and changes uncovered throughout the program are practiced and integrated deeply to increase your success.   Assignments are given at each group session which require approximately a total of 30-60 minutes daily, spaced across the day in smaller increments. This includes listening to hypnosis recordings, journaling, breathwork practice and applying new skills learned in hypnotherapy. This is a client centred program and your success is linked to your commitment in the practice.