Always fascinated with reincarnation, Niki Hughes just knew deep inside there was so much more to each of us than we were experiencing.    Naturally curious and a life-long learner, Niki carried this interest and feeling with her and throughout her life continued to explore natural healing, the role of the mind in healing and all things metaphysical.

As an explorer eager to learn, Niki Hughes trained in five elements acupressure, reiki and sound healing.  She clearly saw the powerful impacts these healing forms had on her friends, family and clients and she began to explore the mind as a healing and change tool.  Niki also began to teach energy healing.

Reaching back into her own past and being true to her roots, Niki became a certified hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist which today is her passion and first love.  A core value of Niki’s is positivity which is fundamental in all of her work.  Helping people find the positive resources inside themselves is her biggest joy.    Past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy provides a means for rapid personal change and re-alignment, and Niki is passionate about the positive, inspiring and lasting changes her clients are able to make.

As mindful hypnosis coach, Niki quickly saw the benefits and changes the mindfulness model brought to her chronic pain and illness clients. True to her passion of learning to serve others, she became a certified mediation and mindfulness training instructor. Niki Hughes integrates mindfulness teaching, exercises and meditations in her practice to allow her clients to build another level of personal empowerment in their lives.

Niki believes we are our own strongest healers and that the guidance, wisdom and answers we need are found through our connection to self – the larger or higher self – which is the true and whole you.   She combines healing techniques in ways that are unique, personal and client-centered to affect deep understanding and rapid transformational change. 

As an author, Niki’s book Radical Self-Love shows you the way to a life beyond fear and limitation.  And who doesn’t want a better feeling life?    

Niki Hughes provides one on one sessions, training, workshops, and retreats for those who are interested in learning to create positive and lasting life change through past life regression, hypnotherapy,  trauma release, coaching, reiki, meditation, and energy work.