Ancestral Healing

Clear Generational Blocks, Patterns and Conditioning

If you are blocked or stuck in a pattern or emotion that may be a ‘theme’ in your life or within your family, you may be experiencing an ancestral wound or ancestral trauma.

Ancestral wounding and trauma is genetic and can be experienced through your ancestral line or the collective — based on our human history. Epigenetics tells us that the experiences of our ancestors can affect our individual gene expression. We know that energy never dies, and the embodied energy of our ancestors is passed on and is now expressing as you and your generation in your lineage.

Their unfinished business, passed down through the ages can be brought to completion through Ancestral Healing to clean up the past and clear the way for you and your current and future generations.

We Are All Energy

We are all connected, and as you change, you affect the energy of the entire lineage – those preceding you, those who are with you and those who will come ahead of you.

Our ancestors want to help us understand and fulfill our life’s purpose. They are willing to connect and help us transform our pains, blocks, issues and energies to bring peace to lives and our ancestral lines. Our ancestors want to help you clear the path for you, for those proceeding you and for the future generations ahead.

Ancestral Healing is vital for us individually and for the collective to allow us to let go of the dense, blocked energies and transcend into a higher expression of our lives. When we do this work, we affect healing for many!

A Spiritual Process

Ancestral Healing is a spiritually based process, similar to a past life regression where hypnosis is used to travel back in time and connect and work with our wise and loving ancestors.

In an Ancestral Healing session you will identify the negative intergenerational issues, the pain and conditioning attached and the impacts to you and others on your family tree. Under hypnosis you will connect, clear, heal and transform the energies and conditioning to affect the greatest gift of all – freedom for the living.

Ancestral Healing sessions are generally 3 hours long, depending of course on the wounds and traumas that need to be worked through.

Getting Started

If you believe you are dealing with ancestral wounds and traumas, start by having a look at the family line to see who else has suffered or is suffering. How has the issue manifested for others in your family tree? Is there a clear line within Mom’s or Dad’s side of the tree? What is the ‘family’ belief about this issue? And finally, are you ready to heal these themes and patterns?

If you are ready to heal old wounds for your lineage, shift conditioning and beliefs, release pain and create forgiveness across the generations to live a higher expression of your life, use the contact form below to get more information and book a discovery call.

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