Trauma Release

Release unresolved trauma and release the hold it has over your life. Clear and create new pathways to well-being and joyful living

Are you ready to release the trauma and end your suffering?

We’ve all experienced some form of trauma – some small, some debilitating – it’s a part of being human. For some, it might not have been a big dramatic event but a series of small, seemingly ordinary things that piled up and impacted the mind’s ability to cope. For others it may have been a big dramatic event, or series of them.

In either case, if those traumas exceeded your mind’s natural ability to cope, you are left with emotions and physical responses that can overwhelm and sabotage your life. Post traumatic stress disorder/syndrome (PTSD) occurs when the symptoms of stress around the trauma persists, and you are repeatedly ‘triggered’ back into those traumatic emotions and physical responses.

The trauma and the stress reaction is, as one client told me, “always there, right up front, running the show”.

Unresolved trauma can have an enormous negative impact on your life.

Hypervigilance, re-living the events over and over, recurring nightmares, irritability and anger, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, feeling ‘detached’ and feeling stuck are a few of the more common symptoms of unresolved trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD (CPTSD). The surrounding stress of unresolved trauma, PTSD and CPTSD can greatly impact your quality of life – your health, your relationships, your jobs, your ability to move freely in your life and feel hopeful for your future.

It’s difficult to move forward when you are trapped by the past.

When you heal the trauma you release the hold it has over your life. That takes you out of the cycle of stress, the heaviness and constriction it causes and new pathways to better and more joyful ways of living are opened up.
Imagine filing these events away where they belong, never to be running the show again!

BLAST Technique® – Bilateral Analysis and Stimulation

The BLAST technique® is an extremely fast and powerful method to resolve traumas, after which they lose their emotional charge and symptoms of that trauma do not return.

Similar to EMDR, the BLAST Technique® is “the next level” of trauma, PTSD and CPTSD treatment – an amygdala de-sensitization technique that creates much faster results. The BLAST Technique® uses precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen to access the limbic system and moving through the process allows the brain re-process the traumatic event.

When the process is complete, you will understand what happened and can remember, but you will no longer have any physical or emotional response – permanently. And where a trauma has created a phobia, resolving the trauma removes the phobia.

The BLAST Technique® can be used for traumas, phobias, anxieties and for any overwhelming feeling, such as grief and depression. Resolving these issues rapidly improves your well-being and frees up your life so that you can put your energy into a more positive, empowering and hopeful NOW.

If you have tried EMDR or have thought about trying EMDR, consider the BLAST Technique® – it’s a rapid and efficient way to improve your quality of life – permanently.

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