Energy Balancing

Energy is our lifeforce, and when that lifeforce is high, we feel strong, confident and ready to enjoy life and take on challenges.

We are all systems of energy, and in everything that is living energy flows – in plants, animals and humans.

Energy is our lifeforce, and when that lifeforce is high, we feel strong, confident and ready to enjoy life and take on challenges. When lifeforce is low, blocked, or imbalanced, we feel weak, tired and are more likely to get sick.

Stress, anxiety, trauma, imbalanced emotions, hormone changes, lack of sleep, improper nutrition, lack of exercise, compromised immunity can all create imbalances and congested energy flow.

Congested energy creates muscle tension, disease and disharmony in the body and emotions. Release this congestion and remove blocks to open your energetic pathways to increased vitality, health and balanced emotions.

Balanced energy promotes harmony in the body and mind.

When your energy is balanced, you remove blocks to emotional healing, increase energy levels and strength your immune system. Remove the disharmony and congestion in your flow of internal energies, and you can reduce anxiety and stress, balance hormones, improve sleep, accelerate physical healing and, in the case of cancer treatments, reduce drug side effects.

Niki Hughes at Elemental Balance combines many techniques to create a unique and personalized session for energy balancing. Add hypnosis to your session for a truly deep and empowering bodywork session.

Based in Five Elements Acupressure, Sound Healing Therapeutics and Usui Reiki, a bodywork session is a uniquely blended “just for YOU” combination of therapies for a truly deep and restorative energy balancing session.

What is Five Elements Acupressure?

When you heal with the Elements, you are experiencing a session based on 5,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine, grounded in the theory of the balance of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. There is a continuous, harmonious and orderly cycle to all living things.

In nature we have five seasons, spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter and, just as nature goes through its process of change, our bodies, emotions and energies also go through cycles within ourselves.

Using acupuncture points, pressure is applied with the healing touch of finger pressure (no needles) on specific points along the body’s twelve meridian energy systems to access and release blocked or congested energy centers. This adjusts the flow of energy (Ki, or lifeforce energy) to maintain a balanced state of physical and emotional health, aligned to the cycles, rhythms and seasons of the five elements.

What are Sound Therapeutics?

Energy is vibration and everything in our universe is matter that vibrates at different rates or frequencies. At a cellular level, we are all vibrating atomic particles.

Our bodies are 70% water and therefore are excellent conductors of sound frequencies. Every organ, bone and cell in the body has its own frequency, and together they make up a ‘composite’ frequency like the instruments of an orchestra. When cells in the body vibrate ‘out of tune’ it affects the whole body.

Sound healing therapeutics are based on the principle of resonant entrainment: when two or more objects are vibrating in the same field at nearly the same rate, they attune and vibrate together.

Disease or energy blocks have a different vibrational sound pattern in the affected part of the body. Projecting sound into the affected area corrects harmonic patterns and stimulates healing at the deepest cellular level.

The use of sound tools, such as crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, chanting and specially designed tuning forks may be used directly on the body, or in the energy field surrounding the body to shift frequency and ‘unblock’ to correct frequencies of traumas, disease, injuries, illness and stresses of life.

What is Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki is an ancient Japanese system of energy healing that promotes personal health and well-being through the transfer of channelled universal energy into the body.

Connecting to multiple frequencies, or ‘rei’s’ of energy, Reiki is channeled into the body through the hands – either through direct touch or into etheric energy field around your body. Working with your seven energy chakras, the intelligent Reiki energy finds its way to where it is needed most and accelerates the natural healing process to replenish the body’s universal life force energy.

As Reiki becomes more mainstream, we are seeing it offered as a complementary healing programs by doctors, in hospitals and in palliative care units for the terminally ill.

Energy balancing with hypnosis for a deeper and more empowering session is 90 minutes. A session without hypnosis is 60 minutes.

If you are ready for relaxation and balance across all of your energy systems, submit the consultation form below.

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