Money is not elusive and only for a chosen few.

You may wonder why it seems so easy for some and yet hard for you to live in a state of abundance and in a steady flow of money. In this workshop we will explore how to work with the energy of money, the laws of money consciousness that govern it to bring MORE and reset your relationship to money. And we won’t stop there. Together we will step into the past and take an ancestral healing journey to find, heal and clear the big money blocks on your family line. In this second workshop, Build Your Money Energy you will:

  • Clear your ANCESTRAL ENERGETIC LINE that may be affecting your ability to connect cleanly with the resource of MONEY
  • Learn about MONEY as an energy and consciousness, and how to work with it rather than block it
  • Learn about your vibrational bank account and the tools you need to increase it
  • Learn the foundational principle of money value, a secret formula for yours, and how to apply it
  • Learn how DEBT works and the secret to clear it
  • Learn how to open the door to EVEN MORE….more MONEY, more abundance, more JOY and more LIFE!
  • Experience transformational change through hypnosis, coaching exercises and meditation
  • And…..keep your learning going by joining my social media 4 week ‘money mindset challenge’ to continue to practice and build your new relationship with money 

Isn’t it time to take the limitations out of your money relationship and open the door to your prosperity?