After recently losing her life partner very suddenly, my client was deep in grief and looking for some soul-based answers. She came to me to make that connection, and on this month’s Past Life Explorers show you will meet June, who joins me to talk about her past life regression experience where she learned just how much support and compassion is around her, and inside of her.  

This is such an important message for June, who’s grief is heavy and all encompassing. These are very early days for her loss. Not only does she want the big question answered – the meaning behind him leaving – but she also wants to understand a relationship pattern that has played out her entire life, which is only being able to maintain a love relationship for two years.   

It was a journey with twists and turns.

On June’s journey, we went into six lifetimes with each experience being a single event. The unconscious mind was unwilling to allow her to move forward or backward.     In each of these events I noticed similarities and really felt the unconscious mind was trying tell me something! I was being directed to take June into her current life based on the clues provided to ‘pick something up’ or clear something out.  

We would find what she needed in her current life.

So back we went into her current life and into two events based on the clues provided, and sure enough June was given some gifts. Re-connection to positive resources that would help her in her current grief state.   Courage and strength were two of these states that June was able to anchor into her present experience.    Listen in as she meets her Grandfather who gives her a very special gift.  

Next we stepped back into her deeper past.

June’s unconscious mind was so caring and compassionate with her, and took her to a past life where she was able to re-experience long lasting love.   Longer than two years – a lifetime of love.  

And then some soul-based answers.

In the superconscious mind space, June uncovers the soul contract that was limiting her relationships in this life.   As you listen in, you will hear the special message of understanding the contract with her partner and what his death will bring to her. 

Through it all I was struck by how loving and compassionate her unconscious mind was going into these past life experiences.   It was a real show of love and support, which June really needed. 

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