Really, it’s the PAIN…

When Elaine came to see me, she told me she needed help with stress.  Life had become overwhelming with a change of jobs, finishing graduate school and she recently moved in with her partner in another part of town.  Lots of big things!  What she didn’t tell me without some digging was that she was in chronic pain, with fibromyalgia and was about to have surgery on her wrist to try to alleviate the pain from an old injury a few years ago.  In her words, ‘the doctor’s don’t know why I’m in pain’ as they couldn’t pinpoint an issue.  But they were going to do the surgery as a last ditch effort to figure it out.   It turns out, what Elaine really came to see me about was the chronic pain–linked to the wrist and years of fibromyalgia–that lowered her stress response to all the changes in her life.

Living with chronic pain is stressful

Chronic pain is a daily struggle that impacts every area of your life.  The stress of being in pain every single day impacts your mood, your outlook on life and often results in being unable to cope.  As it progresses it becomes your focal point – everything you do in life revolves around the pain.

Traditional treatments can fall short of providing the relief you need, and leave you feeling disheartened, hopeless and suffering.  Like Elaine was.

There is hope with OldPain2Go®  – a non-invasive, drug-free technique designed to effectively reduce and release old pain messages using the body’s natural healing power.  OldPain2Go® has a unique approach that integrates logic and neuroscience to help reset the body’s protective alarm system, allowing the body to return to its natural balanced state. OldPain2Go® is fast, safe, and effective, offering relief in cases where other treatments, including opiates, have proven ineffective.

Using OldPain2Go 

Elaine and I used OldPain2Go® during that session to release the old pain messages in her body and to address the fibromyalgia, which was her body’s way of slowing her down. Within this protocol, we see fibromyalgia/ME and chronic fatigue syndrome as ‘burn out syndromes’ often show up in people who never stop moving, never stop doing and never truly rest until reaching exhaustion.  Elaine was a classic case of fibromyalgia: being made responsible for her younger siblings at the tender young age of five and continuing that pattern of being over-responsible / overachiever, a high energy ‘do-er’ who never sat down for the next forty or so years.

When Elaine left her session that day, she cried at being free of all her pain.  She couldn’t remember the last time she felt ‘space’ or non-pain in her body.  Even her wrist was pain free for the first time in years.

When I followed up with her a few days later, Elaine was completely pain free and was in the process of making a decision about whether she wanted to go ahead with the  wrist surgery.

All of that was taken care of in one two-hour session of OldPain2Go® .  One of the most compelling aspects of OldPain2Go® is that usually there isn’t a need for repeated sessions; it’s convenient and efficient.

Go Beyond Pain Management


If you have been told that there is nothing more to do other than ‘manage the pain’ OldPain2Go® can help.  Whether you are dealing with chronic physical or emotional pain, chronic fatigue, old injuries, or conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or ME/CFS, OldPain2Go® offers a renewed sense of hope and relief.

Because it’s not just about managing pain.  OldPain2Go® is about finding a way to reduce or eliminate the old pain messages that may be holding you back from living life to the fullest.

If you or someone you love suffers with chronic physical or emotional pain, burn out syndromes (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME), I hope you will consider OldPain2Go® .  It could be the key to moving you or your loved one back to a positive quality of life.

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