On this month’s Past Life Explorers show, I was joined by my special guest Gurjeet who recently had a full past life regression session with me to understand and explore how to create business success.  

On the show, Gurjeet and I talk about her experience and walk through it from start to finish.   We play five clips from her past life regression, where she learns and heals some amazing things about herself and her past.   

We move through two very different and yet interconnected past lives where Gurjeet uncovers a link between happiness, loss and the blocks that stand in her way.       She had the opportunity to understand the purpose and lessons she achieved in each life and those she didn’t.  

Gurjeet receives some very helpful insight and guidance from her higher self and also discovers a few big surprises about things she wasn’t searching for. Learn what Gurjeet discovers – that happiness and trust changes everything.