On this month’s Past Life Explorers Show, I take you through my work with Marie who came to me wanting to “release this Karmic Debt I’m carrying with my family relationships”. Marie was exhausted and overwhelmed with the needs of her family.   She said it seemed liked she was the only functioning person in the family which meant she had to be the caretaker of them all. Every day there was just more and more family needs piled on, which left her no time for herself. 

Hear how the experience of choosing a different outcome with her past life family creates a ‘karmic’ pattern in this life. That experience is entangled with her connection to her creativity, which has been lost in this life due to her caretaking role.

As we move through the show you will hear audio clips of Marie’s past life session and hear how we remove the blocks where Marie was shunned, to open to her to creativity, safety, peace, self acceptance and the path to her soul’s purpose.