There is nothing more important than finding your way back to self love and stepping into your own worthiness! On February 18 at 7PM PST, I will be giving a talk on just that, and taking our online attendees on a meditation and hypnosis journey into more LOVE. If you want to join us, check out the Meetup night at:

As FUN as that’s going to be, it’s not the biggest reason for my post……

This month I created two new hypnosis recordingsPast Life Regression for Physical Healing and Past Life Regression for Emotional Healing to add to the growing collection. In these recordings you will access greater self awareness and understanding about what holds you back in this life in these areas, release blocks, vows, contracts and heal karmic connections. Big stuff!

Wait though, it gets better. From today until Feb 28th, use the coupon code LOVEYOURSELF and receive 33% off anything you purchase. Past Life Regression, Mindfulness Meditation and Energy Balancing – the choice of hypnosis recordings is yours.

My Valentine’s gift to you.

You can access the store here:

If you would like to hear how past life regression creates rapid and deep change, I invite you to listen in on my Past Life Explorers shows on News for the Soul Network. There are so many subjects to choose from – clearing trauma, weight issues, relationship issues, anxiety, safety, disconnection, purpose, fear – it really is endless what you change and heal with the rich resources and learning from your past. Here’s the link, just click ARCHIVES to see all the shows:

If you want to chat about working 1:1 with me, whether it’s hypnotherapy, past life regression or energy balancing, you can give me a call at 236.237.0038. Feeling shy? Send me an email at – I would LOVE to hear from you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and on this special day and everyday may you feel the LOVE your soul has for you deep in your heart. Love Yourself.