Have you ever felt at a crossroads, unsure of which way to go? Have you ever had unexplained physical ailments and wondered why?

If you have, you are not going to want to miss this month’s Past Life Explorers show!    If you wonder how past life regression can be used to heal, uncover messages and release emotions and blocks, you won’t want to miss this inspiring show.

On this month’s show, I was joined by Susan, who was our August lucky lottery winner, winning a full past life regression with me. 

On the air Susan and I talk about her experience as we walk through her past life session where she experienced three different lifetimes.   You will hear clips from each lifetime where Susan receives insight, releases past blocks and learns some amazing things about herself and discovers the keys and steps to fulfilling her purpose.   

The Power of Three

In our (close to) three hours of working together, we moved through three very different, yet interconnected lifetimes.   On the show we talk about the big theme – a wasted lifetime –  and how that feeling is affecting Susan today.     She uncovered an important link related to swallowing her feelings, a key to her migraine headaches and discovered her path forward into purpose.   Did you count that?  Three!    And you guessed it, we removed three big energy blocks.

Horizontal Themes Emerge

It was a busy, complex session!   As the blocks were released, we dug into the interplay and themes between these lifetimes to create deep integrated change for Susan.    From lack of happiness or joy, to wastefulness, selflessness and even the experience of improved financial circumstances across lives. Listen in as Susan and I talk about all of the ‘horizontal’ themes to her work. 

Susan shares what it was like being back in different bodies, the emotions felt and what it was like to be at the end of each lifetime and leave the body.          

One Last Push

Just after our session, Susan and I met again to do another quick 30 minutes together to remove another block.    As I like to say, our energy is like an onion and we have to peel the layers of ‘stuff’ away to move inwards to our clear core.  You’ll hear about that too and how that newly exposed layer impacted Susan and our integration work after her session.  

A Look Inside

If you have ever wanted a glimpse at what deep change looks like, this is it.  If you have ever wondered what happens during a past life regression, you get a front row seat.   If you sit on the fence about whether past life regression ‘works’, this is a show you shouldn’t miss. 

To listen to the archive of the August 26 2020 “Susan Regression, Messages Received and Finding Purpose” Past Life Explorers show, click here: 

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes

If you have questions about this show, past life regression or how I can do this work anywhere in the world online, drop me an email. I am happy to answer your questions personally or on an upcoming Past Life Explorers show.

A really big thank you to Susan for sharing her personal experience with you, and we wish her all the best as she moves forward with renewed purpose!

Stay well and keep exploring!