Happy Spring!

Finally, spring has arrived, and we can move out of hibernation and step into the light of longer days with uplifted spirits and energy.    I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier to leave the dark cold winter behind me, step into more light and get outside into nature and my spring garden.

As you wake-up to the energy of spring, it’s time to make plans and take action on your ideas and inspirations in preparation for your summer ‘rewards’.   Like the little seedling pushing through the cold unyielding ground to create a beautiful spring flower, you can discover your own inner strength and resolve to create through the lessons of spring.

We are now in WOOD

In Five Elements theory, spring is the wood element, found in the liver and gallbladder meridians (energy pathways in the body).   The wood element (spring) governs tendons and ligaments, the nervous system and the motivation to become “the self which you were meant to be”.   It also controls how you to move ahead with new plans and goals.

The emotion of the wood element (spring) is anger and assertion.  Out of balance, this may manifest as anger, frustration, uptightness, indecision or over-control of emotions.  Now, stress in life can’t be avoided, but how you react to that stress is paramount for your emotional and physical health.   The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is the best antidote to stress.

Check in now – how are you managing your emotions?   What in this moment can you feel grateful for?

Spring is the time to plan   

Traditionally the liver is called the ‘Controller of Strategic Planning’ and is charge of regulating planning and control.  The gallbladder is called the ‘Official of Decisions and Judgment’ and is said to be in charge of decision making.   When these organs are energetically out of balance, you may be unable to plan, you may make impulsive decisions or speak out before thinking.   Or, you may make many lists and not be able to execute or take action on your plans.

What will you plan for yourself this spring?    

Perhaps your focus will be a trip, planning your garden beds or containers, or projects around the house.   Whatever it is, spring (now!) is the best season to get planning.


Because it takes extraordinary strength to move out of dormancy and get moving out of winter, this can be one of the hardest energetic seasonal transitions.      There are ways you can support your energy to ‘wake-up’ using acupuncture points on the body to stimulate energy flow and movement.    Moving energy from the water element (winter) into the wood element can balance and give your energy a nice kick start for spring.

Where do you feel held back in your body?   

To move your energy, hold once or twice a day, for a day or two or once a week for few weeks:

  • Hold Large Intestine 4 and reach down to hold Liver 8 on the inside knee.
  • Hold both at the same time for 1-2 minutes until you feel Liver 8 release (soften).
  • Next while holding Large Intestine 4, reach down to hold Gallbladder 43 on the outer side of the foot.
  • Hold both at the same time for 1-2 minutes until you feel Gallbladder 43 release (soften).
  • Let go!

Large Intestine 4 “The Great Eliminator”   NOTE:  Do Not Use This Point If PREGNANT     Location: In the fleshy depression on the back of the hand just beyond the meeting point where the thumb and index finger meet.

Liver 8  “Spring in the Crook”  Location:  Flex the knee.  With the knee bent, the point is in the groove in front of the end of the medial (inner) knee joint fold.

Gallbladder 43 “Clamped Stream”  Location: On the outer side of the fourth toe, at the joint space (where the toe connects to the foot). 


Large Intestine 4

Liver 8

Gallbladder 43

Tips For Moving into Spring

  • Continue to eat and drink warm foods until the outdoor temperature has consistently warmed up. Where I live (on the northern west coast) I do this until May.
  • Take care in the garden and with physical activity to avoid injuries to the tendons and ligaments. Pace yourself!
  • Lighten up your diet with fruits and greens.
  • Drink warm water with lemon or dandelion tea to support the liver.
  • Be aware of your emotions and engage in the attitude of gratitude to move out of stuck ‘wood’ emotions – anger, frustration, indecision.
  • Visit an energy practitioner to move and balance your energy systems for a smooth transition from winter to spring.

Spring is a wonderful time of creation, and when your energy systems are aligned and balanced, you are in flow with the season and the wood element.    

“The mysterious powers of spring create wind in heaven, and they create wood upon earth.  Within the body they create muscles and of the 5 viscera they create the Liver.   Of the colours they create green….and they give to the human voice the ability to form a shouting sound.  In times of excitement and change they grant the capacity for control.  Of the orifices they create the eyes, of the flavours they create the sour flavour, and of the emotions they create anger.  – Nei Ching”

If you would like an energy balancing session with me, reach out!   I would love to help you make this seasonal transition a smooth one.