My life is full of words.  The work I do as a hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and now as I write my first book means the words I choose are super important.  Words have a power and an energy — they can lift you up or bring you down.  

Feeling Inspired?

Inspiration is words, either your own or someone else’s, whose energy is powerful where it resonates and lifts you. What about the words, “I love you”?    Three tiny words that when strung together become huge as they lift and opens hearts.  Powerful words. 

Words have the power to connect and the power to divide, and haven’t we had a lot of that over the past few years.


What words do you use?  

Do you use loving, kind and gentle words?   Or angry, profane, harsh words?   I used swear a lot, and boy I could swear with the best of them. Those words felt connecting in those moments, I mean they are very expressive and forceful aren’t they! What I realized though was I was expressing and projecting lower level energy into my conversations. And isn’t it better to uplift? Now I focus on using loving and kinds words (well mostly, I admit I’m not perfect 🙂 ) and in the end that just feels better.

A New Year

I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions, it’s just something that’s never worked for me.    Piled high with expectations, I would usually fail most of them by February.   I decided I wasn’t going to set myself up to fail anymore and came up with a better way.

The Magic Word

About 8 years ago I ditched the resolutions and started to focus on just ONE word for the year.  One positive, uplifting word that could be my focus for the whole year.  That focus would help me grow, help me align to good things for my life and would be easy for me to remember.  It would be meaningful.    I called it my ‘guiding light’.    

I’ve had words like ‘confidence’, ‘alignment’, ‘courage’, ‘visibility’ to name a few.   Can’t you just feel their positive power?   

It’s easy to find your word for the year.    Let yourself have a quiet moment, set an intention for the word to come to you and then ask yourself, ‘What’s my word?’. Relax and just let it in. You will know when it arrives, because it will feel right. It will be one positive powerful word that you can apply to your life all year to bring in goodness and joy and build new inner resources.      

This year my word is SHINE.   All year I’m going to find ways to allow myself to SHINE.  It’s a happy word, I feel myself smiling as I connect to the energy of SHINE.     So SHINE I will  – in myself, in my family and out in the world.

Ok, it’s your turn now.   

What power word will be your guide?

Love, Niki