Well, it’s been a long while since I posted – it seems I went deep inside this winter to rest and restore, and to plan for spring! 

The dark days of my winter rest were wonderful, and just in time for the bursting forth of spring, life is opening up again and it’s time to step back out into the world. 

When you’ve been internal for a long time, as we’ve all been these past two years, stepping back out isn’t always easy.   Especially with so much upheaval and chaos happening on the planet.    You might have noticed a higher sensitivity inside yourself or even felt a little more vulnerable as you contemplate your steps forward.   Know that you can set your own pace and stretch your legs slowly as you decide what to re-engage with and how to re-build your activity level.   I like to think of this transition back to “non-isolated” living as the opportunity to re-establish social skills and get a sense of where the new personal thresholds will be for socializing and managing stress.  

If you feel heightened sensitivity, anxiety, vulnerability or stress, here is an easy exercise to do to reset yourself to aligned, calm and grounded.

Take a HEART Breath

This exercise is adapted from the HeartMath Institute where they study the heart’s electromagnetic field and the effects of coherence on mental and physical well-being. 

Your heart is the strongest emitter of electromagnetic energy in the body.  Bringing the brain into coherence with the heart creates ease, inner harmony and a state of balance for thoughts and emotions.      

You can check out the HeartMath Institute here:   www.heartmathinstitute.com   

  1. Start by bringing your awareness to your heart.   As you focus on your heart, breathe deeply and imagine the breath coming in, and then out of the heart.  
  2. You may want to place a hand or hands over your heart to help keep your awareness in this space as you continue to breathe deeply.  
  3. Make the out-breath longer than the in-breath.   You may want to breathe in 4 seconds, and breathe out 7 seconds.   
  4. As you focus on your breath as it moves in and out of your heart, you may want to think of something you are grateful for, or picture someone you love.
  5. Do this for 1 or 2 minutes or longer until you feel the calm relaxation move through your body.

Practice this throughout the day, and as soon as you feel anxiety, vulnerability or any discomfort you can drop into the heartspace and breathe yourself into coherence and calm.  

I use this technique often and always end my meditations with heart breath.  

More Help is Here!

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Spring Into Action!

As that deep winter energy stirs inside and begins to rise to the surface to burst forth into spring, this is a time of re-birth and creation.   Tap into that waking energy as the deep desire within you, and let it make its way up to the surface.   What does your deepest desire want you to create in this time of re-birth?    

If you are ready for positive change, for birthing your greatest desires, I would love to work with you.    You can contact me through my website, drop me an email at niki@elementalbalance.com or give me a call at (236) 237-0038.     

Stay well, let your anxiety be low and allow your deepest desires and creativity to rise – and above all else, keep exploring!