Who Doesn’t Love the Spa?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Normally Mother’s Day means a day of relaxing and being taken care of by family and loved ones. From breakfast in bed to extra help around the house or even a having a meal out, Moms on this wonderful day get to put down the work and have others take over with love! It’s a day where Mothers everywhere can enjoy some relaxation and self-care, and sometimes that means a trip to the spa!

Being a Mom (or any family caregiver for that matter) is demanding and at times stressful! Opportunities for self-care to let go of tension and stress are necessary in order to stay healthy and continue to give of yourself to those you love. I know for me, a visit to the spa was just the ticket!

Right now where I live a spa visit just isn’t possible due to our isolation rules. Because of that, I have created a FREEVisit the Virtual Spa” recording just for you! Enjoy this 30 minute hypnotic journey to your personal virtual spa and receive a deep healing treatment customized exactly for you. Need to go more than once? Download the recording and you can go as often as you like!

Of course this is not limited to Moms – anyone who needs a little self-care, deep healing and connection to love will enjoy a visit to the virtual spa.

Happy Spa Day!

Please do not listen to this if you are driving, or if you are doing any activity that requires your full and focused attention.  If you are under doctor’s care or taking prescription medication that may impact how you experience hypnosis, visualization or trance, please check with your doctor before following along.   If in doubt, please check with your doctor first.     

Visit the Virtual SpaNiki Hughes Download