A very Happy New Year to you!  Since this was the first show of the new year (and decade), it seemed like a great time to talk about the reasons we come here – the Purpose and Path of our lifetimes.  As well as discussing Purpose, I take you into three past life regressions where clues are uncovered to help understand the purpose in the current life.   At around the 40 min mark I take you on a hypnotic journey to find your best focus, or what I call your Guiding Light for 2020.  This is the one thing — the best focus that will bring you success and joy throughout the year.

Which Way….. Is the RIGHT Way?

Each of us is here to accomplish something very individual to our soul’s growth.   Throughout our hero’s journey, we create, we work out and balance karmic energies.   As we overcome challenges and obstacles we grow and expand, and eventually, we arrive at our death transition and  return to love.      And then — you guessed it — we do it all over again.

At a soul level we are aware of what we are here to work through and the path that will get us there.    There are always many roads we can choose – that’s free will in action —  but our destination will always be the same. We will always be moving towards the fulfillment of our soul’s ‘current’ purpose.

From our human perspective, we often want reassurance and guidance to see if we are taking the right path.

Your Past Holds The Clues

Often we work through a ‘purpose’ across multiple lives – this is big stuff we are trying to master!   We can look to the past to gather clues and messages about our purpose in the present.

In the show I walk you through three past life regressions where clues were uncovered and integrated to help each client understand what brings them JOY (clue here – it’s your way forward!) and how that could be realized in their current life.

Your Guiding Light for 2020

Finally, I take you on a short, hypnotic journey to connect to a guide and find out your best focus, or Guiding Light for 2020.  This is the one thing that will illuminate your path and bring you success and joy throughout the year.

As a reminder, please don’t listen to this portion of the show while you are driving or doing anything that requires your full focus and concentration.

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Thanks for listening and keep exploring!