It’s time for another hypnotic workshop! This time I’m doing it a little differently.

On Tuesday, July 19th and Tuesday July 26th, 6:45PM PDT – 8:15PM PDT, I will be leading parts 1 and 2 of an online workshop called Cultivate Self Love, with a focus on opening your feelings of worthiness, self appreciation and self love.

How much time do you spend focused on yourself?  I mean REALLY focused on yourself?  Feeling those really good feelings about who you are and your worthiness.    If you are like most people, very little time is spent to really connect and nurture that deep level of self appreciation and love for yourself.   

We spend a great deal of time focused on things external to ourselves, out of habit, out of distraction and of course out of necessity too.    Our families need us, there is work to do and it takes time to manage our living environments, nurture our friendships, and to focus on the fun stuff in life!   It doesn’t leave much time to focus on the MOST important thing – deep appreciation and love for YOU!

Here’s a little test for you. Look in a mirror, into your eyes and say out loud, I love you, and see how that feels. Try it! If it feels difficult or uncomfortable, or if it’s just a ‘no way!’ then you have some work to do.

Notice too how you react to the words ‘self-love’. Most of us have not been conditioned in life to feel good about putting the focus on love for ourselves. The great news is, it’s never to late to make change happen!

When you create a strong and loving relationship with yourself, everything changes.  You feel positive about life. You live in a greater state of harmony and flow.  Your resilience grows, and you can handle the bumps and the stresses of life much easier.  You have a better sense of direction in your life.   Your relationships improve.   You smile more.  And best of all you FEEL a deep appreciation for yourself that radiates outward, affecting everything.  

In these two 90 minute hypnotic sessions, you will:

  • Understand your relationship to self love and the amazing qualities that create your uniqueness
  • Uncover and release the blocks and fears that hold you back from your own worthiness and being your own best friend
  • Discover the limiting beliefs and patterns that run in your life and let them go
  • Connect and build a relationship with your higher self – that part of you that loves you unconditionally, has all the answers and guides you – and learn how to bring this part of you into your everyday experience
  • Experience change through hypnosis, coaching exercises and meditation

This is your opportunity to go deeper into who you are and create an environment of positive appreciation and enriching, feel good LOVE for YOU that will create amazing change in your life.

Cultivate Self Love is an online workshop delivered over ZOOM over two Tuesdays, and is $70 per person to attend.  Can’t make it in person? I’ve got you covered….your registration includes access to the workshop recording for one year. 


Because this is a two part workshop, please make sure you register for both (you only pay once!)

Love, Niki