Hypnotic workshop time is finally here and I thank you for your patience!  

On Tuesday, June 21 2022 at 6:45PM, I will be leading an online workshop called Quantum Jump into Summer, with a focus on bringing in abundance, creativity and confidence into your life, and a new skill/talent of your choice.

With summer quickly on its way and as life begins to ramp up, this experiential workshop will give you a “kickstart” into some incredible positive resources to take with you into the season of “action and passion”. 

I chose Quantum Jumping as a wonderful way to reconnect back into life after the last couple of years of solitude.   Quantum Jumping takes advantage of our universe being vast and infinite with more possibilities to tap into than can ever be imagined.   In this hypnotic workshop you will work with other versions of yourself in alternate dimensions who have already succeeded to help engineer your ideal existence.   Doesn’t that sound like a good kickstart to summer?

The focus for this workshop is connecting and bringing in abundance, creativity, confidence and a skill or talent of your choice.   If there is something you’ve always wanted to learn, experience or just get better at, this is your opportunity to receive multidimensional support to re-awaken and build these important skills for success.     

If you are curious to experience hypnosis, alternate versions of you and gather all the things you need to help you HERE in this dimension, you will want to join me for this engaging ‘hypnotic’ Quantum Jump workshop.

Quantum Jump into Summer is an online workshop delivered over ZOOM and is $47 per person to attend.  Can’t make it in person? I’ve got you covered….your registration includes access to the workshop recording for one year. 


Love, Niki