When my client said she was experiencing issues with gender roles and stereotyping and wanted to explore that through past lives, I knew it would be a very interesting session. And I was so right!

Meet Gosia, a strong and successful woman with a great career and relationship who had been raised with the belief that ‘she could do anything’. Yet at this point in her life, Gosia was being triggered at times by the ‘role’ of being a woman, feeling “less than” and ultimately finding herself unable to speak up.

Gosia and I did a past life regression and she came on my November Past Life Explorers Show to share her experience.

In her past life regression, Gosia went to two lifetimes that related to challenges with the female role. Listen in and hear how the first lifetime required her to make trade-offs in order for her to fully be herself. The second lifetime had her ‘move up the scale’ evolving that role somewhat and dabbling with positional power. Regardless of evolving the feminine, in that second lifetime she wasn’t able to fully realize being her true self due to oppression and cultural conditioning.

On the show we explore that oppression and how it plays out for Gosia, clear blocks from both lifetimes and get to the place where Gosia comes to understand some really important things about her role as a female in THIS life. She receives some wonderful guidance from her past life characters as well, advice that we can ALL use and appreciate!

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Thanks for listening and keep exploring!