It was clear the maternal line in my client’s family was affected by blocks to worthiness, especially when it came to allowing personal success to flow.    My client, Karen, came to me to do some ancestral healing and pattern release since she could easily see the issue she struggled with was something that affected many in her family.    In hypnosis, we met the ancestor, a farmer who created the energy of personal failure when he lost the farm he so dearly loved.    His whole life beyond that point was coloured with failure, and that energy pattern matched the ‘failure’ that was playing out in Karen’s life.    We did the deep releasing work with the ancestor to completely change that energy and all the conditioning into the energy of success and abundance.   

On this month’s Past Life Explorers show, I talk all about Ancestral Healing and take you through a shorter clearing experience specific to your family line. 

You might wonder, how can an Ancestor’s experience affect me?

Ancestral wounding and trauma is genetic and can be experienced through your ancestral line or the collective — based on our human history.     We know that energy never dies, and the embodied energy of our ancestors is passed on and is now expressing as you and your generation in your lineage.   

Many of us are experiencing ancestral wounds and the good news is you don’t have to hold onto an ancestral pattern in your life or an ancestral core wound that you may be carrying.   

Step into the PAST

Similar to a past life regression where we use hypnosis to travel back in time, we are able to connect and work with our wise and loving ancestors on intergenerational issues, clearing and healing and transforming these energies for the living. 

Listen in and Meet Someone Special

On this month’s Past Life Explorers show, you will meet an ancestor and travel back to understand an ancestral issue and clear it.    Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to make notes of your experience.  

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Thanks for listening and keep exploring!