When my client said ‘How do I release this Karmic Debt I’m carrying with my family relationships’, I knew it would be a powerful past life session. 

Marie, my guest on this month’s Past Life Explorers radio show, was exhausted and overwhelmed with the needs of her family.   She said it seemed liked she was the only functioning person in the family which meant she had to be the caretaker of them all. Every day there was just more and more family needs piled on, which left her no time for herself.         

Meet Karma, the Balancer

Karmic debt is just another name for KARMA which is the balancing of energies.  I see a lot of karmic balance with past life work, because if you don’t balance the energy before you leave a life, you will need to balance it in some way in a future life.   

Before you come into your lifetime, you choose which energies/karmas you want to work on bringing balance to.    And of course you try not to create new ones!   But we are human with free will and a lot of variables to a life and it happens.

We often hear people refer to karma as ‘what comes around goes around’, and that it is ‘an eye for an eye’ — if you do this to me I will do that same thing back to you.    Karma is energetic, not situational.   So if you hurt someone, you may not need to be hurt in exactly the same way, but you will need to feel the other side of that action in some way to create the balance.     

We are constantly growing learning and balancing ourselves.   The name of the game, if you choose to play it fully (and you don’t have to) is to balance all of your karmas before you leave Earth’s incarnation cycle.    

Uncover the Connections

Listen in as the show takes you through my work with Marie where she steps into a life with similar family issues.   In that life, Marie chooses a different outcome with the family which creates an energetic ‘karmic’ pattern in this life of not being able to let go.     

Hear how that experience is entangled with her connection to her creativity, which has been lost in this life due to her caretaking role.

Re-connecting and nurturing that creative energy was the key for Marie to change her circumstances and uplift her life.    It makes sense because your creative energy is the basis of your growth and learning here on Earth.    Each of us is the creator of our own experiences (I know, this can be hard to accept!) , and when we disconnect or are unable to express that creative energy we suffer — energetically, mentally and even physically.     

Marie’s Way Forward

Past the death scene and the deep learning discovered from that life, we moved on to connect to Marie’s superconscious mind where she received some very special guidance on how to get her creativity back.   Once that is re-established all aspects of Marie’s life will shift and doors will open for her.   Her relationships will improve and so will her economic situation.        And, when Marie decides to ‘pull her hand out the fire’, that karmic pattern will be changed.  

Take a Front Row Seat

As we move through the show you will hear audio clips of Marie’s past life session and hear how we remove the blocks where Marie was shunned, to open to her to creativity, safety, peace, self acceptance and the path to her soul’s purpose.  

Listen in to find out her deep learning and the special guidance she takes away with her – hint:  you can do it anywhere!  

Marie talks about the effects of this session on her life, and what she is doing right now to set herself up for success. 

Listen to the archive of the April 28 Past Life Explorers Show on the News for the Soul Broadcast Radio Network by clicking the picture below. 

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes

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Thanks for listening – stay safe and keep exploring!