At our very core, we need a sense of safety and protection to fully allow ourselves to move ahead in life with confidence.   “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” places safety as the second most important need – only above food, water and shelter.   If we don’t feel safe, the world becomes a limited, scary place.  

This is the key theme of this month’s Past Life Explorers radio show where we meet Amanda, my special guest, who discovered through her full past life regression with me how issues with safety were holding her back in her current life.  

Find Your Voice

When I met Amanda, she wanted to understand “anything and everything to do with her throat chakra”.   She said she struggled with her throat – always feeling blocked and having a hard time speaking up and letting her voice be heard.  And as a singer, these issues really impacted her ability to perform.     

Just before we started our past life session, Amanda added that she wanted to see if the past held any clues to issues around procrastination and anxiety.   Anxiety had been present her whole life but was more in the forefront with bigger impact in her life in the last six years.   Add that to the throat issues and Amanda felt she was really holding herself back.   This gave us lots to work with! 

A Short Step Back

As we started our session, the anxiety came forward as Amanda was presented with an interesting choice. I knew that this meant we had some work to do in the current life before we would be able to go any further back.

Listen in as Amanda goes back to a much younger age to find the issue and deep block affecting THIS life.  The work in this space was our first stop in understanding the theme for Amanda around safety and protection.   Next up we stepped through the door and into a past life.  

A Bigger Leap

Amanda landed in a short and difficult life, where safety was the most important (and unresolved) issue for her.   As we move through the show you will hear four audio clips of Amanda’s past life session that takes you through this difficult life and the removal of two more big blocks.   One of these blocks identifies the issues with the throat and once you hear it, it all makes sense!

Listen in to uncover the deep learning Amanda takes away with her into THIS life.  

Amanda shares with us too how her life has changed since her past life regression.  Letting go is a hint!

Listen to the archive of the January 27 Past Life Explorers Show on the News for the Soul Broadcast Radio Network by clicking the picture below. 

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes

At the end of the show I offer up another opportunity for a lucky listener to win a full past life regression with me and come on the air to discuss – just like Amanda.   If you are ready for deep change and want to look to a past life for answers, send me an email and indicate you want to put your name forward.   Winners are drawn at the beginning of each month.

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If you want change and are ready to free your mind, free your heart and open to lightness and personal empowerment, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Thanks for listening – stay safe and keep exploring!