Can you imagine moving out of fear, anxiety, anger, distrust into self-love, strength and confidence – all within a couple of hours?  

This is exactly what my client Emma did, and we walk through her past life regression and how we cleared what was holding her in fear on my September edition of the Past Life Explorers radio show.  On the show, you will hear what Emma discovers – that the intense fear she feels goes way back, past a big event in her current life and beyond that into two other past lives.   

There’s No Room for Love

Fear can debilitate us and lock us into patterns, and as Emma learned, anger, anxiety and making herself small and exhausted left no room for self-love, trust and tapping into her internal strength.    Listen in and you will hear how Emma experiences and reconciles ‘aloneness’ and comes to complete peace and contentment with herself.  

The Blocks Have It

As we move through the show, you will hear audio clips of Emma’s session as she visits three different lifetimes.  We go through the removal of multiple layers of blocks that held Emma trapped deep in her heart in a place of constricting fear.

The last lifetime visited was a difficult one.   It was the one that answered the biggest question – why is this fear so big?    This is lifetime that tied together all the learning and change that Emma needed to be able to move out of protection, and into her strong voice where she can live from the heart.  

Near the end of the show we talk about how Emma’s life has changed since her session.   I’ll give you a hint, it involves confidence and freedom!

Listen to the archive of the September 23 Past Life Explorers Show on the News for the Soul Broadcast Radio Network by clicking the picture below. 

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes

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It could be YOU!

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Come and Play. 

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Thanks for listening – stay safe and keep exploring!