Need more Compassion and LOVE in your world?

We certainly need more compassion and love spread globally. In support of this, on this month’s Past Life Explorers show I will take you on past life regression journey to connect to your past where you will gain insight and understanding about your personal relationship with compassion and love.  It all starts with us, right?

This is your opportunity to find out more about why you might block compassion and love in your life, how to bring more of it into your life and how you can spread more compassion and love in the world.    And that’s what the world needs right now – each of us radiating more compassion and love outward to make this a better place for everyone.        

Over time negative emotions, traumas, illness, stress, anxiety and depression can close off our ability to feel and be compassionate – and that directly affects how we relate to love. 

Understanding the reasons why you might close yourself off provides an opportunity to learn and let go.    Through understanding the lessons of compassion and love from your past, you will create the space to expand and allow more in.   And more in means more can go out!

As we journey on this past life regression, I will take you to visit three events in three different lifetimes, see how you transitioned, gather lessons, learning and integrate ways to expand more compassion and love in THIS lifetime.    Very powerful stuff!

All you have to do is tune in and follow along.  

Join in on June 24th at 9AM at the following link to listen LIVE. 


LIVE doesn’t work for you? 

You can listen and follow along at your leisure when the archive of the show is posted (later on June 24th).    Click here for my News For The Soul page and click the archives tab for access to all of  the Past Life Explorers shows.  

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As a reminder, please do not listen to this this while you are driving or doing anything that requires your full focus and concentration.

If you have questions about this show, how I help people, or specifically how past life regression can help YOU, drop me an email at   I am happy to answer your questions personally or on an upcoming Past Life Explorers show.

Thanks for listening and keep exploring!