There is a lot going on right now on the planet and we are in a state of extreme change, isolation and information overwhelm. Fear has awoken and for some of us, it’s moved right in. Overshadowed by the fear is the positive and creative that are happening in the world as we all STOP – take stock, adapt to isolation and learn to do things in different ways.    On this month’s Past Life Explorers,  I focus on connecting to positive past life resources and show you some tools to bring calm and peace into your life right NOW!  

If you have a desire to feel positivity in your life or if you have ever wondered about past life regression and how it can be used to heal emotions, blocks and beliefs, you are going to want to listen to this inspiring show.

This month, I take you through the past life regression of Deb, a nurse who is suffering with adrenal exhaustion.    I play two clips of the actual regression where you can listen in on Deb’s experience of a lifetime connected to a geographic memory (feeling a strong attachment to a particular location), the positive resources she uncovers and the positive aspects of the energetic block removal to bring her back to her ‘whole self’. It’s all positive!

Around the 35 min mark, I take you on a short hypnotic journey to set an anchor, or association to the feeling of calm, peaceful relaxation.   You can use this anytime, anywhere.

And 45 minutes into the show, I provide you with two more tools for reducing stress and anxiety.   These ones are short, quick and powerful. 

I leave you with our regular empowerment question of the month and offer a special ‘isolation’ savings on my services.   If you have the desire to create positive change in your life, now is the time to reach out.  Save AND grow!   I work exclusively online which means you are in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own space.  My clients tell me that being in their own space is a huge benefit and adds a lot to our work together.         

If you sit on the fence about whether past life regression ‘works’, or need ways to reduce and remove stress and anxious feelings, this is a show you won’t want to miss. 

To listen to the archive of the “Connecting to Past Life Positive Resources and Tools for Anxiety” Past Life Explorers show, click here: 


If you have questions about this show, past life regression or how I can do this work anywhere in the world online, contact me through my website, or drop me an email at or you can give me a call at (236) 237-0038.       I am happy to answer your questions personally or on an upcoming Past Life Explorers show.

Thanks for listening, stay well, look for the creativity and above all else, keep exploring!