These past few months we have experienced massive change on the planet that has shaken our sense of certainty with health, jobs, finances, connections, routines, and especially our personal freedoms as we isolate to stay well and safe.   Fear has awoken.  

Fear, anxiety, uncertainty and sadness are looming and can overshadow the positive and important changes happening now – the uprising of connection and creativity.  

People are finding their creativity and working out new ways of doing things.   

From using technology to stay connected to family and friends, finding new ways of working remotely, remote schooling and even changing the way we do business, we are getting creative!    I know of one local florist who closed-up shop and sells their beautiful bouquets through a self-serve outdoor flower stand – even offering free flowers to those who need a pick-me-up.   There are so many creative ways businesses are changing.   

We are looking out for and helping one another.   

Neighbors watch out for each other and provide support. Families check in more often and shop for each other.   We express love and gratitude every day to our healthcare workers who put their lives on the line for others.   Governments are offering unprecedented relief options.   These are just a few of the ways that we are building a sense of connectedness, community support and unity.   

It’s time to slow down.     

With the world and our lives moving slower, we now have the space to live differently.   For some of us, this means we get the things done that we never had time to do.   Gardening is taking off in my part of the world and I know I my baseboards are getting a new paint job!  Moving from rushing and high speeds into slow and stillness can be jarring and for many it can greatly increase anxiety and fear.       

Hypnosis and hypnotic tools can help you tap into your personal power.  

If you are struggling with anxiety or fear and want to find your positive inner resources (strength, courage, resilience to name a few) and tap into your creativity, hypnotherapy is an effective way to make those changes and discover new inner resources and connections.  

And this may be the best time to explore the full you – getting to know your inner self and soul’s journey through past life regression and exploring the spiritual realms.       

The office is closed – we’ve all gone online.

Working online is an effective way to have a session with me and experience hypnosis to create lasting change.  Online sessions over the internet are safe and from the comfort and privacy of your own home.    During these months of isolation, I am offering at 10% discount when you book a session or you can contact me to discuss financial options.

Listen to the Past Life Explorers Radio Show for tips.

This month’s live radio show, April 22 at 9AM subject will be  ‘Finding Positive Resources & Two Tools for Anxiety’.   It will be a great show with resources you can use right away to help you reduce anxiety and feel better about life.    I hope you will listen in – click the picture below for the LIVE link for April 22:      

April 22nd 9AM ‘Finding Positive Resources and Two Tools for Anxiety”

If you can’t make the live show, this next link will take you to all of my archives of past shows. Click the picture below and then click the ‘ARCHIVES’ tab. The April 22 show will be posted a few days after we are on the air.

Past Life Explorers Radio Show with Niki Hughes - Archives

I ask you over the coming weeks and months to look for the creativity and connection all around you and be aware of it in your own life.  What changes have you made? What more can you do to support this different way of being? Challenge yourself to re-discover your creative talents and your imagination. We all have gifts, talents and passions – look to your childhood for the clues.

Keep exploring in new ways, and stay safe and well.