Have you ever felt disconnected from others, or felt like you just aren’t heard?   

If you have, you are not going to want to miss this month’s Past Life Explorers show!    If you have ever wondered about past life regression and how it can be used to heal emotions, blocks, beliefs, and MORE – you are going to want to listen to this inspiring show.

On this month’s show, I was joined by Sarina St. Germaine who recently underwent a past life regression with me.  

Sarina and I talked about her experience, walked through from start to finish and played four clips from her personal past life regression, where she learns and heals some amazing things about herself and her past.

Before we started our online session, Sarina said she wanted to understand her relationship to money.   Just as we were about to begin, she quickly added, “you know, it seems that I put stuff out in the world and I never hear anything back. Emails, blogs, comments on things – and nothing.    I’m not sure what this is about but it’s starting to show up everywhere and it’s really bothering me.  Its like others can’t see or hear me.”

Challenge Accepted!

In our two hour past life session, we moved through two very detailed and different past lives where Sarina uncovered aloneness, trauma, limiting beliefs and multiple blocks.   She had the opportunity to understand the purpose and lessons she achieved in each life and those she didn’t.   Sarina also met a very interesting character!

She tells what it felt like to experience being back in time in another body, and moving through that life (again).      

Deep personal understanding was achieved, the learning was layered, and we discovered the connections between both lives.   

As well as great learning, in this session Sarina worked through two very big energetic blocks.   Blocks that were keeping her small, ‘invisible’, protected and yet resulted in complete disconnection not only from others but from herself. 

Getting Out of Her Own Way

Around the 30:50 mark of the show, you will hear a clip of Sarina working through a block in her stomach area. You will hear how that block was operating in her life and what happens as she heals it to become whole again.

Like an onion, we have layers of ‘stuff’ to peel back to get to the core. In a past life regression, the core is the part that brings about the greatest healing and greatest freedom.  As Sarina and I peeled back more layers we landed at a core heart block. You can hear just how profound this was for her and how this has changed so many things in her relationships.    

A Life Transforms

Within 24 hours of our session, Sarina’s life was very different, from how she felt about herself to changes in her relationships and how she was heard.    Around the 45:00 mark of the show I ask Sarina what has changed in her life since our work together.    Spoiler alert – absolutely everything. 

A Window In

If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse at what transformative change looks like, this is it.  

If you have ever wondered what happens during a past life regression, this show provides you with a ringside seat. 

If you sit on the fence about whether past life regression ‘works’, this is a show you aren’t going to want to miss. 

To listen to the archive of the Feb 26 2020 “Sarina Regression, Overcoming Disconnection” Past Life Explorers show, click here: 


If you have questions about this show, past life regression or how I can do this work anywhere in the world online, drop me an email. I am happy to answer your questions personally or on an upcoming Past Life Explorers show.

A really big thank you to Sarina St. Germaine for sharing her personal experience with you!

Thanks for listening and keep exploring!