When you travel, you know that putting effort into planning and preparing will make your trip amazing!

We organize what to wear, things to take, we gather our travel documents, organize currency and of course we make sure the house, pets and plants will be taken care of. We do these things to make our journey easier. Then we are free to let go and focus on the enjoyment of having new experiences. A past life journey is no different.

When you are prepared, the past life journey is just that much better.

On this month’s Past Life Explorers show we spent a good deal of time talking about how to prepare for a past life journey. The biggest preparation is to practice ways to connect to the right brain – the creative, intuitive mind that is your gateway to the soul.

Just like taking a vacation somewhere new, you allow the new experiences to flow.

I talked about a few important things you can do to prepare, and around the 20 min mark of the show we did an on-air meditation to rev up your right brain and get you ready for an amazing journey. You can use this meditation anytime you want to setup a great connection to creativity, intuition and meditation. Try it out!

We also explored a different way to fix what ails you.

Later during the show, we looked at two past life regressions that uncovered the past life connections to current physical ailments. Sometimes these kinds of ailments – in this case migraines and localized body pain — relate to an experience in a past life. I walked us through the two regressions, explored the messages, the learning and the healing.

Your body is your messenger and is often trying to get your attention. Sometimes LOUDLY.

If you can discover the message your body is wanting to tell, you can create space for healing to occur. What did we discover? Emotional blocks tied to deep limiting beliefs and many lessons that stretched across time. Both resulted in great learning and healing for the clients.

I ended the show with two empowering questions for you to ask yourself to help you connect to your body and pick up your messages. It was another full show!

To listen to the archive of the ‘Healing Physical Ailments and Preparing for your Journey’ Past Life Explorers show, click here:

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes September 25 2019: Healing Physical Ailments and Preparing for your Journey

If you have questions about this show or questions about past life regression, drop me an email. I am happy to answer your questions personally or on the next Past Life Explorers show in October.

Thanks for listening and keep exploring!