Have you ever had challenges with love relationships?

Seriously, who hasn’t! In this month’s Past Life Explorers show we looked at three different ‘love’ challenges. During the show we walked through the individual past life regressions that uncovered the motives, the learning and the healing.   What did we uncover? Limiting beliefs that resulted in unhealthy relationship patterns, a karmic relationship with unfinished energies and past life pacts and the impact of their energetic connections.   It was a full show!

You know that your beliefs are a big part of how you love.

Your beliefs are everything in how your world is shaped. If you believe love is difficult or painful – it will be.    If you believe you aren’t deserving of healthy, uplifting love – it won’t come.  What you believe is critical to how love shows up and plays out in your life.

You have to go back to understand why you stand where you are today.

In the show around the 20-minute mark we did a short ‘belief’ regression to gather and identify your limiting beliefs. We then went through a process to change these into beliefs that will support you.   This was a very quick exercise, we didn’t spend a lot of time gathering – the point being to teach YOU how to do this on your own, so that you can go through it as many times as you need to.  With just light relaxation it’s easy to travel back and visit the points in your life where you took in messages that created limitations.   Give it a try!

There is a ton of content in this month’s show. To listen to the archive of the ‘Relationships with Love and Belief Regression’ Past Life Explorers show, click here:

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes August 28, 2019 Relationships with Love and Belief Regression

If you have questions about this show or questions about past life regression, drop me an email.   I am happy to answer your questions personally or on the next Past Life Explorers show in September.

Thanks for listening and keep exploring!