Control – it’s a big part of the human experience.    Control is something most of us strive for every day, and having control of many aspects of our lives is a good thing.   Control becomes a problem when we hold on so tightly to it that we create resistance.

In relationships, at work, in school, with our bodies and with food, when the tight grip of control is unbalanced, the resulting resistance can create impacts that make day to day life challenging.

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a silent, full moon candlelit labyrinth walk.   If you have ever seen or walked in a labyrinth, the pathways around the outer edges seem to move you in impossible ways to the centre destination.   Looking at the labyrinth from the outside, it appears simple.   However, like life, moving from A to B the way we think it should happen, doesn’t.

And, like life, there are curves and switch-backs, people moving on their own path at different speeds and in the opposite direction.   The voice of self-doubt kicks in.   Am I on the right path?  What if I am doing this wrong?  People are following me, what if I mislead them? On my labyrinth walk, the more I focused on the control of it, the more I could feel resistance strengthen and a build-up of anxiety.   Wanting to do this ‘right’ (control) made it harder (resistance), and because it was something new and challenging (in the dark!) self-doubt was loud and fed the anxiety.   Up until this point, my enjoyment  of this walk was very low!

I decided to change my experience.   I made the conscious decision to let go of control and connect to trust.  Self-doubt became a voice of  reassurance.   I will be OK.   It’s OK if I make a mistake and go off the path.  If my candle goes out, that’s fine.   The people behind me will find their own way.   I felt resistance melt away from my body and I relaxed into the present moment and the beauty of the walk.   Anxiety disappeared.   Now open to the experience itself, I was taken to thoughts of the early world explorers.   How must it have felt for them, setting off in big ships, with no GPS, limited food stores,  no ability to forecast bad weather and all family left behind.   The most important thing they took with them was divine trust.   Trust that they would make their way, land somewhere and discover something.  And if they didn’t, they had an adventurous journey.   Many didn’t land where they expected, and yet that led to some amazing discoveries in our world.

A labyrinth models the twists and turns of life and is a beautiful teacher of trust.    For many of us, letting go of control and connecting to trust isn’t always easy and for some may feel impossible.   If you are ready to be  your own explorer of self, want balance or wish to change a challenging aspect of your life, Elemental Balance may be able to help.     Contact us for a free 30 minute discovery call to see what is right for you.

Let’s all enjoy the journey –